At all times we have used the treasures of nature, enriched by artists to decorate the human body. Jewellery in various civilizations had originally a more symbolic than esthetic feature.

We all know that Peruvian jewelry has a great tradition from the Inca Empire and is the story of that glorious period, which inspires Mercedes Lamborelle to develop new designs that blends the ancient with the contemporary. She selects and create unique pieces of art expression and in line with international standards concerning designs and quality.

She designs and produces 950 silver jewelry with semi-precious stones such as: amazonite, chrysocolla (Peruvian turquoise), lapis-lazuli, Andean opal, rhodochrosite, serpentine, sodalite, and the spondyllus, Inca sacred shell.

Mercedes Lamborelle, investigates the symbols, signs and meanings of drawings, shapes and stones of pre-Hispanic cultures. Each piece has an investigation, a meaning and a connotation through semi-precious stones. We also work with various distinguished designers and goldsmiths. For this reason we can say that we produce jewellery with history.