• INCA
    <p><strong>Collection INCA</strong><br /><br />Spondyllus is known as the sacred shell of the Incas and is found on the Ocean Pacific coast, specially in Ecuador and in Peru. They are red, orange and violet. It was a appreciated mollusk because it was very strange and its appearance on the coast allowed to know the direction of ocean currents. The Inca regarded it as a natural object curious and very beautiful. For this reason we used in jewelry and metalsmithing. The red color of the shell was the most appreciated and became the symbol of POWER.</p>
  • Jewellery & Nature
    <p>This collection is inspired by beauty and nature. Mercedes find inspiration in Peru, Switzerland and on her travels.</p>
  • Filigree
    <p>We bring you the finest of traditional jewellery from Peru. Discover the filigree world!</p>
  • Travels
    <p>If you love travel and jewellery you’re probably going to love visit other artists and shops to appreciate handmade jewellery, new materials or just looking for inspiration when you travel. I fell in love with different designs and jewellery during travels in Indochina, Greece, Mexico, New York. </p>
  • Amazonas
    <p>The artisans of the Shipibo tribe of the  Amazonas in Peru, made beautiful necklaces and bracelets with natural seeds and pearls. Discover the Shipibo contemporary art!</p>

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