• Necklaces
    <p>Discover our necklaces! Short and long necklaces with semiprecious stones and shells, nothing is too beautiful to enhance your urban outfits.</p>
  • Earrings
    <p>Mercedes Lamborelle earrings are true art designs objects and are both ethnic and chic, feminine and elegant.</p>
  • Bracelets
    <p>Mercedes reveals its collection of multi-linked and colored Peruvian bracelets. Stylish and bohemian bracelets with enchanting colors that will dress your wrists for a brilliant year.</p>
  • Pendants
    <p>Discover all our pendants with natural inspiration and semiprecious stones.</p>
  • Rings
    <p>Discover all our rings with natural inspiration.</p>
  • Brooches
  • Art
    <p>Discover Mercedes Lamborelle oil and acrylic paintings and her collages with news papers inspired in the Street Art and in her trips.</p>